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Close Protection

Our courses cover all key competencies mandatory for close protection operations.

P.S.A. Close Protection instructor are unique within the industry.

All intructors have experience as a Close Protection officer in the Middle-East such as Irak and Afghanistan.

This unrivalled process ensures that the people afforded with the training are fully vetted and trained to the highest standards. The key to our continued successes is not only the staff we deploy, but the philosophy our training department adopts with our clients.

With our wealth of highly experienced instructors, all of which are trained in Hostile Environment techniques, can deploy anywhere in the world at short notice to afford our clients the very best training services.

P.S.S. has extensive experience in supplying security services training to Diplomats, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), VIPs, corporate clients and the entertainments industry in both hostile and corporate environments.

By selecting P.S.S. to provide you with Close Protection training you are ensuring the highest level of Cp training in the world market.

The course covers:

  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Defensive driver training and situational awareness
  • Venue based security
  • Communication and conflict management skills
  • Real-life, practical final close protection exercise
  • Writing and updating your CV

Practical scenario exercises

The course provides operatives with all the skills they need to deal effectively with the challenges they are likely to face as a close protection operative. Mixing theory with practical, the course devotes considerable time and attention to practical scenario exercises to give participants the chance to practice the skills and techniques they have been taught. The course concludes with a real life, practical final close protection exercise. The training is intense and candidates can expect to work long hours throughout.

Expert instructors

The course is taught by experienced instructors who combine extensive expertise in providing close protection, with current experience delivering close protection training courses.

The length of the course depends entirely on your preferences and is tailored to the time available, the risk analysis and the starting level of the participant. At your request, our team of instructors can provide post-course assistance to ensure that skill levels are maintained.

P.S.A. can provide this training worldwide.